Beginnings in Wonderland

**This was pulled from my site. Since I decided to bring that content here as well to kick off my WordPress account. LOL**

(Originally posted 7.11.2015)


My first blog.

Gotta say that I never thought that I would do one at all. Though now I am in the process of finding my voice and could not resist the outlet. There are just so damn many outlets – I kinda feel like some princess kissing as many frogs as I can so that I will soon find my prince.

Except I am not a real fan of fairy tales and I am still not sure what my next move would be if I did.
So for now, I want to start off slow. Work my way around the social media scene so I can find out what exactly work for me.

Okay, so maybe the princess and the frog was not the best analogy. Alice in Wonderland sounds lots better. Yes! I have gone down the rabbit hole and I am trying to find my way home. Not sure I know what home is yet, but I will be sure to let you know when I get there.


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