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**This was pulled from my blogger.com site. Since I decided to bring that content here as well to kick off my WordPress account. LOL**

This was my first ever attempt at a proper Music Review. It was for an intern blogger position that I didn’t receive. I was hoping that who ever reviewed it would maybe give me some constructive criticism, but that never happened. I really like this piece ya’ll! I thought it was good, but I am still open for more feedback (how else am I going to improve?), so please feel free to leave some. Thanks!

RGX Black Radio 2


A stage is set for The Robert Glasper Experiment’s Black Radio 2. Released from Blue Note Records and bursting out of the box with more than a dozen artists. Self produced by the front man himself, this LP follows up Black Radio with strong R&B, Hip Hop, and Jazz influences.

Jill Scott is the first vocalist heard on the track ‘Calls’. It’s a dreamy and sweet serenading sound – perfect for a radio single. Just recently announced as the #1 most added single at Urban AC Radio this month is ‘Somebody Else’ featuring Emeli Sande. And for good reason – the thought provoking lyrics combined with Emeli’s emoting soprano range is bound to catch your attention. Black Radio 2 takes the listener on a tour through life while introducing them to sounds not of this world along the way.

With songs about self worth, self love, and self exploration, The Robert Glasper Experiment provides simple yet bold arrangements that compliment the voices of every artist showcased. This level of musical artistry is definitely worth a listen.


15 thoughts on “Feed me in Reviews

  1. Thanks for following The Immortal Jukebox. I hope you will enjoy the wide variety of music covered and some entertaining writing. I welcome comments from readers. I usually post on a weekly basis. Regards and good luck with all your projects. Thom.

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  2. Thanks for following me on my blog site. I know of one or two local creative artist in the Fort Myers areas, one being Jamila Brooks a graduate of FGCU.

    I have attended events at the Syndey Byrnes theater on several occasion and I look forward to seeing more creative artist performing and showcasing their work and abilities. Are you participating in the WordPress Poetry 201 this fall?

    I will follow your blogging journey


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    1. Thank you! Yes, I am taking part in the WordPress Poetry 201 – love it 🙂 There is not much going on in the way of creative art within Fort Myers right now (there is the monthly Art/Music Walks)..hopefully that will change.

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      1. I spent the summer in Key West checking out a residency program a the Studios of Key West, and there is definitely a stronger passion at least for painters and writers.

        Will you sing at the next monthly Art / Music Walk? I have seen lots of local bands that participating. I’m sure they could use a strong soprano singer. 🙂

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      2. I would like to, just need to finally make it down there and start getting familiar with everyone to see who I’d like to work with. I have a project in mind that I’d like (well, need to in order for it to work-lol) to collaborate with a painter/visual artist on. Wish me luck!

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      3. The Key West Express is how I traveled to the town. You can take your bicycle on board and use it to get around town.

        The town is easy to get around and there are lots of singers and painters who would easily collaborate with you.

        Check in with or email the Studios of Key West to see their listed events.

        I sure something will grab your attention.

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  3. I especially like the last paragraph. I think it’s well written, you should keep writing and continue to experiment with descriptive words. Its a challenge to describe a sound!

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    1. Yes! Describing what it is that you are hearing is HARD. I thought analyzing a music score was the most challenging thing ever until I tried my hand at writing a music review. lol
      I have four drafts – all music reviews, so I will get started on hopefully one of them soon. Thanks for the encouragement!


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